Body+Mind Wellness
Herbal Medicine

Body+Mind wellness sessions are holistic health visits that incorporates Acupuncture, the Hakomi Method and Mindfulness techniques to facilitate the mental and emotional aspects of the healing process. This is useful for people who are in the process of changing habits or for people who are healing from trauma.

Working through obstacles to change: 

Body+Mind wellness can facilitate the process of change in the context of health upgrades like natural weight loss, smoking cessation and other healthful lifestyle changes. During these processes, people encounter obstacles to those changes and those obstacles usually have larger emotional components. 

In Body+Mind wellness, these obstacles are seen as opportunities for personal transformation. In this case, we take time to explore, in mindfulness, how the body and mind have become habituated. Through the use of 'experiments in mindfulness' and acupuncture we provide the body and mind with alternative options to those patterns. In this way we access the root of stuck patterns and can facilitate change. 

Healing from trauma:

Rebecca believes in a trauma informed approach to helping people who are recovering from various forms of violence and natural catastrophes. This means that she considers herself to be a part of a community of helpers who know how to just listen so that clients have room to process the events and then, in their own time, move on. 

In Body+Mind work we create a safe environment so that the body can also relearn that it is now safe and that it does not need to work so hard to constantly protect itself. This recalibrates the nervous system, allowing it to relax.