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Before coming to your first appointment, please print & fill out all of the new patient forms completely.  The attached forms are in PDF format.

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Wellness Resources in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas has excellent wellness support.  The list & links below are recommended resources.

  • Deirdre Elliot, LCSW, LMT - Body + Mind Psychotherapist.  Her practice is co-located with True Nature Acupuncture.
  • Safe Place.  Provides safety & support for individuals and families struggling sexual or domestic violence.  Serving Austin, Texas since 1974.
  • Larry Higgins, LCSW.  Over 25 years as a clinical social worker, Larry provides psychotherapy for individuals, couples & groups.
  • John Howard, LPC, LMFT.  Specializes in couples counseling.  
  • Sage Acupuncture.  Consistently rated as one of Austin's top acupuncture clinics for fertility & reproductive disorders.  
  • AOMA Herbal Medicine.  Open to the public - store & herbal pharmacy.  
  • Texas Physical Therapy Specialists.  Many locations in Central Texas.

Meditation Resources in Austin, TX - 

Austin, Texas has excellent meditation & body+mind support.  The list & links below are recommended resources.

Additional Resources - 

The list & links below are recommended online resources.