Body+Mind Wellness
Herbal Medicine

The following services are available at True Nature Acupuncture. Please book directly through our safe & convenient online scheduling system:

If you are unable to find a date & time that work for you, then please contact Rebecca at 512-363-2756.   


For reference, here are the rates for our services:

First time Acupuncture visit ~ 90 minutes $100

Acupuncture (established patients) ~ 50 minutes $75

Chinese Cupping Therapy ~ 30 minutes ~ $45

Acu-Detox (Stress reduction ear acupuncture) $35

Chinese Herbal Consultation ~ 30 minutes ~ $45 + cost of herbs


*Please note that these modalities are therapies meant to rehabilitate your body's systems and are typically provided in a series of treatments so that the body can receive the cumulative benefits.